Operational Data to Assess Mobility and Crash Experience during Winter Conditions, October 2018

(2018) Operational Data to Assess Mobility and Crash Experience during Winter Conditions, October 2018. Transportation, Department of


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The primary objective of this research project was to broadly investigate potential applications of expanded maintenance data (from automated vehicle location [AVL] and roadway image capture technology installed on snowplows) and traffic data (from crowdsourced INRIX probe vehicles) in Iowa throughout multiple winter weather events, with an emphasis on conditions before, during, and after crash events. Other datasets were explored and integrated for demonstration purposes, including data from existing fixed-location cameras and traffic sensors, roadway weather information systems (RWIS) data, roadway characteristics data, and weather and maintenance crew-based operations reports. A benefit of analyzing crash experience over multiple events is that possible trends may be identified. Overall, this project promotes the use of extensive, rich datasets to investigate weather-related impacts on mobility and safety and evaluate possible opportunities for improving winter maintenance operations. The Iowa DOT may use these data resources to supplement existing efforts to monitor traffic, weather, and surface conditions and direct their corresponding actions and reactions.

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Keywords: AVL—cameras—crash experience—snowplows—speed—traffic safety—winter road maintenance
Subjects: Transportation
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