Nondestructive Evaluation and Assessment of Concrete Barriers for Defects and Corrosion, 2013

(2013) Nondestructive Evaluation and Assessment of Concrete Barriers for Defects and Corrosion, 2013. Transportation, Department of


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Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE) evaluated potential nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methodologies that may be effective in 1) identifying internal defects within slip formed concrete barriers and 2) assessing the corrosion condition of barrier dowel bars. The evaluation was requested by the Bridge Maintenance and Inspection Unit of the Iowa Department of Transportation (IaDOT) and the Bureau of Bridges and Structures of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). The need arose due to instances in each Department’s existing inventory of bridge barriers where internal voids and other defects associated with slip forming construction methods were attributed to poor barrier performance after completion of construction and where, in other barrier walls, unintentional exposure of the dowel bars revealed extensive corrosion-related section loss at previously uninspectable locations, reducing the capacity of the barriers to resist traffic impact loads. WJE trial tested potential NDE techniques on laboratory mock-up samples built with known defects, trial sections of cast-in-place barriers at in-service bridges in Iowa, and slip formed and cast-in-place barrier walls at in-service bridges in Illinois. The work included review of available studies performed by others, field trial testing to assess candidate test methods, verification of the test methods in identifying internal anomalies and dowel bar corrosion, and preparation of this report and nondestructive evaluation guidelines.

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