Carbonate Rock Pore Size Distribution Determination through Iowa Pore Index Testing, MLR-15-01, 2015

(2015) Carbonate Rock Pore Size Distribution Determination through Iowa Pore Index Testing, MLR-15-01, 2015. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa Pore Index (IPI) measures the pore system of carbonate (limestone and dolomite) rocks using pressurized water to infiltrate the pore system. This technique provides quantitative results for the primary and capillary (secondary) pores in carbonate rocks. These results are used in conjunction with chemical and mineralogical test results to calculate a quality number, which is used as a predictor of aggregate performance in Portland cement concrete (PCC) leading to the durability classification of the aggregate. This study had two main objectives: to determine the effect different aggregate size has on IPI test results and to establish the precision of IPI test and test apparatus. It was found that smaller aggregate size fractions could be correlated to the standard 1/2”-3/4” size sample. Generally, a particle size decrease was accompanied by a slight decrease in IPI values. The IPI testing also showed fairly good agreement of the secondary pore index number between the 1/2”-3/4”and the 3/8”-1/2” fraction. The #4-3/8” showed a greater difference of the secondary number from the 1/2”-3/4” fraction. The precision of the IPI test was established as a standard deviation (Sr) of 2.85 (Primary) and 0.87 (Secondary) with a repeatability limit (%r) of 8.5% and 14.9% for the primary and secondary values, respectively.

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Keywords: Aggregate tests, Aggregates, Carbonate rocks, Durability, Freeze thaw durability, Performance tests, Pore space, Pore water pressures, Portland cement concrete, Pores (Geology), Iowa Pore Index
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