Quantitative Mapping of Waterways Characteristics at Bridge Sites, TR-569, 2008

(2008) Quantitative Mapping of Waterways Characteristics at Bridge Sites, TR-569, 2008. Transportation, Department of


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Iowa state, county, and city engineering offices expend considerable effort monitoring the state’s approximately 25,000 bridges, most of which span small waterways. In fact, the need for monitoring is actually greater for bridges over small waterways because scour processes are exacerbated by the close proximity of abutments, piers, channel banks, approach embankments, and other local obstructions. The bridges are customarily inspected biennially by the county’s road department bridge inspectors. It is extremely time consuming and difficult to obtain consistent, reliable, and timely information on bridge-waterway conditions for so many bridges. Moreover, the current approaches to gather survey information is not uniform, complete, and quantitative. The methodology and associated software (DIGIMAP) developed through the present project enable a non-intrusive means to conduct fast, efficient, and accurate inspection of the waterways in the vicinity of the bridges and culverts using one technique. The technique combines algorithms image of registration and velocimetry using images acquired with conventional devices at the inspection site. The comparison of the current bridge inspection and monitoring methods with the DIGIMAP methodology enables to conclude that the new procedure assembles quantitative information on the waterway hydrodynamic and morphologic features with considerable reduced effort, time, and cost. It also improves the safety of the bridge and culvert inspections conducted during normal and extreme hydrologic events. The data and information are recorded in a digital format, enabling immediate and convenient tracking of the waterway changes over short or long time intervals.

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