Field Testing of Abrasive Delivery Systems in Winter Maintenance, TR-458, 2009

(2009) Field Testing of Abrasive Delivery Systems in Winter Maintenance, TR-458, 2009. Transportation, Department of


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The key goals in winter maintenance operations are preserving the safety and mobility of the traveling public. To do this, it is in general necessary to try to increase the friction of the road surface above the typical friction levels found on a snow or ice covered roadway. Because of prior work on the performance of abrasives (discussed in greater detail in chapter 2) a key concern when using abrasives has become how to ensure the greatest increase in pavement friction when using abrasives for the longest period of time. There are a number of ways in which the usage of abrasives can be optimized, and these methods are discussed and compared in this report. In addition, results of an Iowa DOT test of zero-velocity spreaders are presented. Additionally in this study the results of field studies conducted in Johnson County Iowa on the road surface friction of pavements treated with abrasive applications using different modes of delivery are presented. The experiments were not able to determine any significant difference in material placement performance between a standard delivery system and a chute based delivery system. The report makes a number of recommendations based upon the reviews and the experiments.

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Keywords: Abrasives, Deicers (Equipment), Field tests, Friction, Pavements, Spreaders, Spreading, Winter maintenance
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