Iowa State Highway 92 Over Drainage Ditch #25: Performance Evaluation - Galvanized Reinforcing Bars -- Louisa County, Iowa, 2015

(2015) Iowa State Highway 92 Over Drainage Ditch #25: Performance Evaluation - Galvanized Reinforcing Bars -- Louisa County, Iowa, 2015. Transportation, Department of


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Several strategies are available to the Iowa Department of Transportation (IaDOT) for limiting deterioration due to chloride-induced corrosion of embedded reinforcing bars in concrete bridge decks. While the method most commonly used throughout the Midwestern United States is to construct concrete bridge decks with fusion-bonded epoxy-coated reinforcing bars, galvanized reinforcing bars are an available alternative. Previous studies of the in situ performance of galvanized reinforcing bars in service in bridge decks have been limited. IaDOT requested that Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (WJE) perform this study to gain further understanding of the long-term performance of an Iowa bridge deck reinforced with galvanized reinforcing bars. This study characterized the condition of a bridge deck with galvanized reinforcing bars after about 36 years of service and compared that performance to the expected performance of epoxy-coated or uncoated reinforcing bars in similar bridge construction. For this study, IaDOT selected the Iowa State Highway 92 bridge across Drainage Ditch #25 in Louisa County, Iowa (Structure No. 5854.5S092), which was constructed using galvanized reinforcing bars as the main deck reinforcing. The scope of work for this study included: field assessment, testing, and sampling; laboratory testing and analysis; analysis of findings; service life modeling; and preparation of this report. In addition, supplemental observations of the condition of the galvanized reinforcing bars were made during a subsequent project to repair the bride deck.

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