Metric Plan Reading Course, HR-324, 1997

(1997) Metric Plan Reading Course, HR-324, 1997. Transportation, Department of


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This Plan Reading Course was developed by the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering of Iowa State University under contract with the Iowa Highway Research Board, Project HR-324. It is intended to be an instructional tool for Iowa DOT, county and municipal employees within the state of Iowa. Under this contract, a previous Plan Reading Course, prepared for the Iowa State Highway Commission in 1965, has been completely revised using a new format, new plans, updated specifications, and new material. This course is a self-taught course consisting of two parts; Highway Plans, and Bridge and Culvert plans. Each part consists of a self-instruction book, a set of plans, a question booklet, and an answer booklet. This is the self-instruction book for the Bridge and Culvert Plans part of the course. The example structures included in this part of the course are a prestressed concrete beam bridge and a reinforced concrete box culvert.

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