Video Inspection of Highway Edgedrain Systems, HR-317, 1998

(1998) Video Inspection of Highway Edgedrain Systems, HR-317, 1998. Transportation, Department of


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Minimizing infiltration of water in pavement structures has long been a priority of pavement designers. Incorporation of subsurface edgedrains is frequently an integral part of an pavement drainage system. In order for such a system to be effective however, it must be properly installed and maintained. With advances in video technology, inspection of edgedrain systems can now be conducted quite efficiently. This report documents the results of 287 video inspections of highway edgedrain systems in 29 states. These inspections were conducted to both demonstrate the capabilities of the technology as well as demonstrating some of the common problems associated with the performance of edgedrain systems. Findings indicated not only that the equipment was quite effective in identifying edgedrain performance concerns, but also how widespread the concerns of edgedrain performance are. Almost one third of the systems inspected had nonfunctional outlets, another third were either found to have non-functional mainlines or the mainlines could not be inspected due to physical obstructions. Only one third of the systems inspected were found to be performing as intended. Recommendations are provided for edgedrain design improvements to facilitate performance of the system and their inspections as well as recommendations to improve quality control during construction. Suggestions are also provided for maintenance procedures to address concerns identified in the inspection process. A Draft Guide Specification For Video Edgedrain Inspection and Acceptance is also provided as an Appendix.

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