Chemical Reactions Involving Aggregates, HR-15, 1960

(1960) Chemical Reactions Involving Aggregates, HR-15, 1960. Transportation, Department of

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The discussion presented below concerns the section on "Unidentified Cement-Aggregate Reactions" in which mention is made of concrete deterioration related to argillaceous dolomitic limestone aggregates. A considerable amount of research has been conducted on carbonate aggregate-cement reactions as part of the general study on the suitability of carbonate rocks as concrete aggregate which inadvertently did not reach the authors in time to be incorporated in their paper. These reactions which occur in response to the alkaline environment of concrete are not typical alkali-aggregate reactions associated with siliceous aggregates such as opaline cherts, volcanic glasses and etc. The reactions are associated with certain carbonate aggregates whose service records indicate deleterious performance in concrete has occurred. It is my purpose to review briefly carbonate aggregate research conducted at Iowa State University and present some new data on the problem of carbonate aggregate-cement paste reactions.

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