Iowa Transportation Laws, HR-234, 1985

(1985) Iowa Transportation Laws, HR-234, 1985. Transportation, Department of


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Research project HR-234 was sponsored by the Iowa Highway Research Board and the Iowa Department of Transportation. In the preparation of this compilation of highway and street laws of Iowa, an attempt has been made to include those sections of the Code to which reference is frequently required by the Department of Transportation, counties, cities and towns in their conduct of highway and street administration, construction and maintenance. Because of the broad scope of highway and street work and the many interrelated provisions of Iowa law, and in the interests of keeping this volume in a convenient and usable size, some Code provisions which have some bearing on the principal subject were of necessity omitted. The volume has been compiled in loose leaf form with the expectation that periodic updates will keep the reader informed regarding changes in the law and/or new laws. A general index is provided at the end of the text of this volume. Each major topic is divided into relevant subtopics and are accompanied by appropriate Code sections. This publication is offered with the hope and belief that it will prove to be of value and assistance to those concerned with the problems of establishing, maintaining and administering a highway and street system. The reader is cautioned to consult legal counsel on all matters beyond the scope of this text.

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