Blanket Curing to Promote Early Strength Concrete, MLR-87-7, 1989

(1989) Blanket Curing to Promote Early Strength Concrete, MLR-87-7, 1989. Transportation, Department of


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Fast Track concrete has proven to be successful in obtaining high early strengths. This benefit does not come without cost. Special Type III cement and insulating blankets to accelerate the cure add to its expense when compared to conventional paving. This research was intended to determine the benefit derived from the use of insulating blankets to accelerate strength gain in three concrete mixes using Type I cement. The goal was to determine mixes and curing procedures that would result in a range of opening times. This determination would allow the most economical design for a particular project by tailoring it to a specific time restraint. Three mixes of various cement content were tested in the field. Flexural beams were cast for each mix and tested at various ages. Two test sections were placed for each mix, one section being cured with the addition of insulating blankets and the other being cured with only conventional curing compound. Iowa Department of Transportation specifications require 500 psi flexural strength before a pavement can be opened to traffic. Concrete with Fast Track proportions (nominal 7 1/2 bag), Type I cement, and insulating blankets reached that strength in approximately 36 hr, a standard mix (nominal 6 1/2 bag) using the blankets in approximately 48 hr, and the Fast Track proportions with Type I cement without blankets in about 60 hr. The results showed a significant improvement in early strength gain with the use of insulating blankets.

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