Metric Training for the Transportation Industry Module III - Road and Bridge Design, HR-376, 1999

(1999) Metric Training for the Transportation Industry Module III - Road and Bridge Design, HR-376, 1999. Transportation, Department of


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"Metric Training For The Highway Industry", HR-376 was designed to produce training materials for the various divisions of the Iowa DOT, local government and the highway construction industry. The project materials were to be used to introduce the highway industry in Iowa to metric measurements in their daily activities. Five modules were developed and used in training over 1,000 DOT, county, city, consultant and contractor staff in the use of metric measurements. The training modules developed deal with the planning through operation areas of highway transportation. The materials and selection of modules were developed with the aid of an advisory personnel from the highway industry. Each module is design as a four hour block of instruction and a stand along module for specific types of personnel. Each module is subdivided into four chapters with chapter one and four covering general topics common to all subjects. Chapters two and three are aimed at hands on experience for a specific group and subject. This module includes: Module 3 - Road and Bridge Design. This module provides hands on examples of how to use metric measurements in the design of roads and structures.

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