Snow Removal on Iowa's Secondary Roads, HR-267, 1984

(1984) Snow Removal on Iowa's Secondary Roads, HR-267, 1984. Transportation, Department of


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Snow removal on the 90,000 mile Iowa secondary road system is a major concern of county engineers. Rural residents rely almost entirely on motor vehicles for travel. They have come to expect passable roads during all types of weather and as most county engineers know, the public is less tolerant of problems in snow removal than in any other highway department function. To avoid snow removal problems, maintenance personnel begin preparation before the winter maintenance season. The slide tape presentation, "Snow Removal on Iowa's Secondary Roads", was developed to assist in training and retraining maintenance personnel each year prior to winter. The program covers preparation for winter, snow and ice removal, and after storm care of equipment.

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Keywords: Maintenance practices, Secondary roads, Snow and ice control, Snow removal, Training, Winter maintenance
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