Guidelines for County Engineering Decisions, HR-369, 1997

(1997) Guidelines for County Engineering Decisions, HR-369, 1997. Transportation, Department of


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There has been a great deal of concern by county engineers and supervisors over constrained budgets, lack of resources and a deteriorating infrastructure, as they affect the secondary road system in Iowa. In addition, public input and/or political pressure have been increasing over the years. This study was initiated to determine the most important issues facing counties and document the way in which various Iowa counties have been addressing those issues. The list of issues was developed through meetings of county engineers and supervisors in each of the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) regions around the state. Questionnaires were sent to all engineers and supervisors statewide asking them how the various issues (e.g. snow and ice removal policies, Level "B" roads, and so on) were handled in their respective counties. The responses were then compiled into this document. The subjects selected and used include: county policies, ordinances, resolutions; snow and ice removal policy; dust control; Level "B" roads; vacating roads; rural development; private entrance construction and maintenance; roadside management practices; right of way encroachments and easements; personnel matters, staff and organization; communicating information to citizens; supervisor/ engineer relations; and county leasing/purchasing practices.

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