Uses and Benefits of Aviation in Iowa: Executive Summary, 2009

(2009) Uses and Benefits of Aviation in Iowa: Executive Summary, 2009. Transportation, Department of


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Air transportation is a key contributor to Iowa’s economy. The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation developed this 2009 report to evaluate and analyze the uses and benefits of aviation in Iowa. The statewide economic impact study shows how aviation serves as an economic engine, documents various ways air transportation is used in Iowa, and discusses other benefits that air transportation supports. Aviation related economic benefits measured in this study fall into two categories. In one category, benefits are measured in terms of jobs, payroll, and annual economic activity that various aviation and air transportation groups support. In the other category, added efficiency that businesses realize from their use of aviation is estimated in terms of increased productivity. Many of the economic benefits identified in this study are associated with commercial and general aviation airports that serve communities throughout Iowa. Beyond the boundaries of the airports are other aviation related activities that also add significant value to Iowa’s economy. Both types of economic benefit are discussed in this summary report.

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