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The Iowa Transportation Improvement Program (Program) is published to inform Iowans of planned investments in our state's transportation system. The Iowa Transportation Commission (Commission) and Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) are committed to programming those investments in a fiscally responsible manner. Iowa's transportation system is multi-modal; therefore, the Program encompasses investments in aviation, transit, railroads, trails, and highways. A major component of the Program is the highway section. The FY2009-2013 highway section is financially balanced and was developed to achieve several objectives. The Commission's primary highway investment objective is the safety, maintenance and preservation of Iowa's existing highway system. The Commission has allocated an annual average of $321 million to achieve this objective. This includes $185 million in 2009 and $170 million annually in years 2010-2013 for preserving the interstate system. It includes $114 million in 2009, $100 million in 2010 and $90 million annually in years 2011-2013 for non-interstate pavement preservation. It includes $38 million annually in 2009 and 2010, and $35 million annually in years 2011-2013 for non-interstate bridges. In addition, $15 million annually is allocated for safety projects. However, due to increasing construction costs, flattened revenues and overall highway systems needs, the Commission acknowledges that insufficient funds are being invested in the maintenance and preservation of the existing highway system. Another objective involves investing in projects that have received funding from the federal transportation act and/or subsequent federal transportation appropriation acts. In particular, funding is being used where it will complete a project, corridor or useable segment of a larger project. As an investment goal, the Commission also wishes to advance highway projects that address the state's highway capacity and economic development needs. Projects that address these needs and were included for completion in the previous program have been advanced into this year's Program to maintain their scheduled completion. This program also includes a small number of other projects that generally either represent a final phase of a partially programmed project or an additional segment of a partially completed corridor. The TIME-21 bill, Senate File 2420, signed by Governor Chet Culver on April 22, provides additional funding to cities, counties and the Iowa DOT for road improvements. This will result in additional revenue to the Primary Road Fund beginning in the second half of FY2009 and gradually increase over time. The additional funding will be included in future highway programming objectives and proposals and is not reflected in this highway program. The Iowa DOT and Commission appreciate the public's involvement in the state's transportation planning process. Comments received personally, by letter, or through participation in the Commission's regular meetings or public input meetings held around the state each year are invaluable in providing guidance for the future of Iowa's transportation system. It should be noted that this document is a planning guide. It does not represent a binding commitment or obligation of the Commission or Iowa DOT, and is subject to change. You are invited to visit the Iowa DOT's Web site at iowadot.gov for additional and regular updates about the department's programs and activities.

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