Early Identification and Location of Utility Facilities within Iowa DOT Project Footprints - RE22013

(2023) Early Identification and Location of Utility Facilities within Iowa DOT Project Footprints - RE22013. Transportation, Department of

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Identification of utilities within Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) project footprints requires proactive documentation of utility infrastructure within Iowa DOT right-of-way (ROW) based on: 1) A standard for recording utility infrastructure, such as the new ASCE/CI/UESI 75-22 “Standard Guideline for Recording and Exchanging Utility Infrastructure Data” 2) Lifecycle asset management practices for all facilities installed within Iowa DOT ROW including: a. systematic permitting to regulate and monitor all changes and construction activities affecting utility infrastructure; and b. a federated utility data GIS collaboration portal that functions like a secure repository, built around ASCE/CI/UESI 75-22, and based on shared standardized data from systems of record. 3) Systematic capture and management of standardized data when installations are newly installed, exposed for construction or maintenance purposes, investigated for project development needs (such as by subsurface utility engineering methods in accordance with ASCE/CI/UESI 38-22 “Standard Guideline for Investigating and Documenting Existing Utilities”), or proposed for permitting approval. Compliance with ASCE/CI/UESI 75-22 is essential: 1) ASCE/CI/UESI 75-22 has been designed for capturing sufficient spatial and attribute data on utilities to enable creation of an accurate 3D digital twin; and 2) the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has adopted ASCE/CI/UESI 75-22 as key input to their Modeling Underground Data Definition and Integration (MUDDI) standard, which means emerging software applications will be able to accept, visualize, and share digital 3D models of utilities seamlessly. ASCE/CI/UESI 75-22 is designed to manage ASCE/CI/UESI 38-22 data in digital format and is scalable to accommodate the most primitive record data. Concurrently, Iowa DOT to implement ASCE Utility Engineering best practices to leverage utility data in manner that mitigates project risk, optimizes project delivery, and upholds public interest and welfare from a holistic stance. Iowa DOT return on investment factor for projects alone is estimated to average between 10 and 20.

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