New Hampton Origin and Destination Traffic Survey, Iowa State Highway Commission, April 1959

(1959) New Hampton Origin and Destination Traffic Survey, Iowa State Highway Commission, April 1959. Transportation, Department of


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This report of the New Hampton Corporate Traffic Survey describes briefly the characteristics of the corporate area pertinent to the local problem of highway transportation and presents and analyzes the data gathered in the survey. All trip data obtained in the survey are presented in terms of the number of trips per day o They are classified by the origins and destinations of these trips and by the areas within the city to which and from which they were made. The only information obtained was from those trips crossing the city limits, and this was done by maintaining roadside interview stations at the entrances of the principal rural highways into the city. These trips, for which the data were obtained, may be defined as "rural trips." Knowledge of the number of "urban trips" or "intra-city trips" is not available in this external type survey. For this particular study, information was gathered by interviewing 88.07 per cent of the average weekday traffic. After the expansion of this information it was found that for an average weekday in July 1958, a total of 6,371 trips crossed the New Hampton city limits. Out of this total, 37079 per cent were classified as external through trips. These were divided into two groups. External through trips which passed via the central business district accounted for 36093 per cent. The remaining 0.86 per cent, which were also external through trips, traveled without passing via the central business district.

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