Street-Name Signs, March 10, 1916.

(1916) Street-Name Signs, March 10, 1916. Iowa State University


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In addition to pointing out certain common faults in the displaying of street-names it is the object of this bulletin to illustrate and to describe as wide a variety of street-name signs in use at the present time as is consistent with space limitations. This information is given so that as much real assistance as possible may be afforded municipal authorities, as well as others who may be interested, in the selection of a type of sign to best satisfy the specific set of conditions under consideration.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Note: Engineering Extension Department Technical Service, Bulletin 20, March 10, 1916
Keywords: By: Wallis, Rolland Schanel; Streeet signs
Subjects: Transportation > Pedestrians
Transportation > Roads and highways
Transportation > Drivers
Public Safety
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