Aligning Iowa Driver Education Curriculum And Standards Toward A Zero Fatalities Vision - SPR-RE22(018)-8H-00

Aligning Iowa Driver Education Curriculum And Standards Toward A Zero Fatalities Vision - SPR-RE22(018)-8H-00. Transportation, Department of

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Effective driver education should provide a solid foundation for novice drivers in establishing good driving habits and being prepared for the variety of driving conditions present in Iowa. Accomplishing this requires a scientific approach and data driven to understand the safety issues and challenges for novice drivers in order to develop a driver education curriculum that meets their needs. On the other hand, development and maintenance of an entire Driver Education program similar to what is currently available from vendors is a rather resource and time intensive undertaking. This project takes a balanced approach in addressing the core driver education needs in Iowa while leveraging existing resources. Specifically, the project will accomplish the following: • Compare the current Iowa driver education curriculum against national/regional programs and standards and identify gaps; • Survey professional and parent driving instructors in Iowa to identify gaps and best practices; • Identify novice driver safety issues through a summary of available information and analyses of the Iowa crash data; • Identify gaps in the Iowa Driver Education curriculum using the information gathered in the above activities; • Develop curriculum content for the most critical gaps; • Develop an outline of suggested content for a driving curriculum that meet the needs of novice drivers in Iowa; • Provide guidance for incorporation of the proposed curriculum and developed content use and incorporation by vendors and driving instructors; • Provide guidance to assist private vendors/instructors on updating teaching and delivery methods; • Develop guidelines for adoption of curriculums by private vendors for Iowa; • Develop recommendations on teaching and delivery methods; • Draft language to incorporate changes into the Iowa Code

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