The 1965 Mississippi River flood in Iowa, 1965

(1965) The 1965 Mississippi River flood in Iowa, 1965. University of Northern Iowa


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It is the purpose of this report to make public the data immediately available on the 1965 Mississippi River floods along the eastern border of Iowa. These data are limited to the period March 1 to May 3l, 1965. Later a comprehensive report covering all phases of the flood in detail will be prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey. This latter report will require a considerable time to compile and publish. In the meantime, the_ present report will provide information now available on flood discharges, flood elevations, and flood frequencies in the specified area. As an interim report, the presentation will necessarily be limited to brief and incomplete treatment of causes and effects of the flood and the relationship between it and other historical floods, These will be covered in detail in the comprehensive report. Information on the stage and discharge at the most downstream gaging station on the gaged tributaries in Iowa and on the Wisconsin and Rock Rivers is included. These data permit evaluation of the effect of tributary flow on the main-stem flood. Limited additional data on previous floods are included. These data help to place the 1965 flood in proper perspective.

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