Increasing pavement performance through pavement foundation design modulus verification and construction quality monitoring_ST008

(2021) Increasing pavement performance through pavement foundation design modulus verification and construction quality monitoring_ST008.

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The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) believes that an important step forward in improving pavement foundation construction quality as well as optimized pavement designs will be realized by implementing design modulus-based compaction verification and ensuring that the pavement design assumptions are met during construction. Proper compaction, and where needed, use of mechanical and chemical stabilization offer advantages for improving foundation material properties and performance. Modern technologies for field modulus verification, and field training, allows for rapid measurement, real-time construction compaction monitoring and modulus-based field control. To implement modulus-based field verification, as well as further advance e-Construction implementation efforts, the Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB) with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) grant pilot tested two innovative technologies that are not currently used in the State of Iowa: Modulus verification using real-time roller mapping technology (COMP-Score RT) and Automated Plate Load Testing (APLT). These technologies directly measure foundation support values in situ in terms of modulus of subgrade reaction (k-value) and resilient modulus (Mr) to verify pavement foundation design inputs as well as allow compaction monitoring and efficient data management. The work presented in this report and appendices builds on prior research investments, improved training, e-Construction efforts, and specification changes completed through Iowa Highway Research Board projects (TR 401, 461, 482, 492, 495, 501, 516, and 554, see as well as Every Day Counts (EDC) initiatives. Iowa DOT developed a multi-year implementation plan to develop specification and provide training for statewide implementation.

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