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The inspection of bridges is an important component in maintaining a safe and efficient highway system. Portions of bridges underwater can be difficult to inspect due to lack of visibility and accessibility. Traditionally underwater inspections are performed using commercial diving operations. This requires specially trained individuals and the appropriate equipment. Additionally, poor visibility, accumulated debris and currents can adversely affect the quality of the inspection as well as pose safety hazards for the diver. Recent advances in the capabilities of sonar equipment have presented the possibility for alternatives to using divers. To better understand the capabilities of the sonar systems, a Kongsberg high resolution scanning sonar was evaluated for practicality and effectiveness in inspecting bridges. The goal of this evaluation was to determine if state bridge inspection personnel, with appropriate training, could utilize this equipment to provide information that is beneficial in the evaluation of underwater portions of bridges. To achieve this, staff were trained in the equipment operation and bridges were selected for inspection. The inspection findings were evaluated for their ability to assist in the overall bridge inspection. The system will provide insight to the underwater conditions that are not always possible with divers. It provides information that makes understanding the underwater conditions easier to explain, understand and document. The images can be collected in conditions that would make diving difficult due to low visibility or hazardous conditions. In addition, it can help in planning dive operations and identify location where divers need to concentrate efforts.

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