X-ray Studies of Lime-Bentonite Reaction Products HR-48, 1963

(1963) X-ray Studies of Lime-Bentonite Reaction Products HR-48, 1963. Transportation, Department of

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This study is concerned with the characterization of the products of the reaction between hydrated lime of several types and pure bentonite, cured at room temperature 23° + 2 C and under conditions approaching 100 per cent relative humidity. For correlation purposes the cured samples and other freshly prepared samples were also hydrothermally reacted. Hydrated lime added to silicious-aluminous materials often reacts to produce cementitious products in what is called a pozzolanic reaction, and such strength gains have been obtained from mixtures of clay and hydrated lime in the form Ca(OH)^. Addition of Ca(0H)2 (2% for calcium bentonite) sufficient to neutralize weakly acidic clay OH" groups is the minimum amount required for pozzolanic reaction to start, known as the "lime retention point" (Hilt and Davidson 29 and Ho and Handy 31, 32). Based on these criteria, all mixtures in this study were expected to yield crystalline products, probably calcium aluminate and silicate hydrates.

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