1962, Convservation Sourcebook.

(1962) 1962, Convservation Sourcebook. Iowa State University


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Conservation of natural resources is as basic to continuation of our American way of life as democracy itself. The high standard of living we enjoy in this country is due in large part to the abundance of God-given natural resources. Because of many requests for information covering conservation and use of our natural resources, the Iowa Conservation Education Council undertook the preparation of this book. It is primarily for teachers and leaders to help them acquaint their students with the value of our heritage of natural resources and impress on them the importance of conservation as it affects them, the community, the State, and the Nation. The material was prepared by experts in their fields. Among these individuals are soil scientists, botanists, geologists,and others who have had years of experience in research and teaching. This material is to provide background information, guides, suggestions, references, and examples.

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