Mitigation of Sedimentation at Multi-Box Culverts TR-665 November 2017

(2017) Mitigation of Sedimentation at Multi-Box Culverts TR-665 November 2017. Transportation, Department of

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We study the sedimentation problem with a data-driven approach embedded in a web-based problem-solving environment that can provide the critical information needed for designing and maintaining culverts operational and free of sedimentation. At the core of the study is a Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) software that systematically identifies the likelihood of culvert sedimentation as a function of stream and culvert geometry, along with landscape characteristics, in the culvert drainage area. The MCDA works atop of a variety of data sources (time series, statistical analyses, maps, and other site-specific characteristics) that are stored in various formats in multiple data provider repositories. To make the data easily accessible, we designed a web-based geo-portal that assembles in one place pre- and post-construction data and information, irrespective of their provenance. User-friendly portal interfaces allow users to prepare a systematic plan for culvert monitoring, and offer means for quantitative assessment of the potential for sediment deposit formation.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: culvert sedimentation, multi-barrel culverts, decision support, self-cleaning culvert design, design specifications
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