Stability of Granular Base Course Materials Containing Bituminous Admixtures, 1969

(1968) Stability of Granular Base Course Materials Containing Bituminous Admixtures, 1969. Transportation, Department of


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This report concerns the stabilization of three crushed limestones by an ss-1 asphalt emulsion and an asphalt cement, 120-150 penetration. Stabilization is evaluated by marshall stability and triaxial shear tests. Test specimens were compacted by the marshall, standard proctor and vibratory methods. Stabilization is evaluated primarily by triaxial shear tests in which confining pressures of 0 to 80 psi were used. Data were obtained on the angle of internal friction, cohesion, volume change, pore water pressure and strain characteristics of the treated and untreated aggregates. The MOHR envelope, bureau of reclamation and modified stress path methods were used to determine shear strength parameters at failure. Several significant conclusions developed by the authors are as follows: (1) the values for effective angle of internal friction and effective cohesion were substantially independent of asphalt content, (2) straight line MOHR envelopes of failure were observed for all treated stones, (3) bituminous admixtures did little to improve volume change (deformation due to load) characteristics of the three crushed limestones, (4) with respect to pore water characteristics (pore pressures and suctions due to lateral loading), bituminous treatment notably improved only the bedford stone, and (5) at low lateral pressures bituminous treatments increased stability by limiting axial strain. This would reduce rutting of highway bases. At high lateral pressures treated stone was less stable than untreated stone.

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