Analysis of Policies for Safety Improvements on Low-Volume Rural Roadways,1994

(1994) Analysis of Policies for Safety Improvements on Low-Volume Rural Roadways,1994. Transportation, Department of


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In order to determine the adequacy with which safety problems on low-volume rural roadways were addressed by the four states of Federal Region VII (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska), a review was made of the states' safety policies. After reviewing literature dealing with the identification of hazardous locations, evaluation methodologies, and system-wide safety improvements, a survey of the states' safety policies was conducted. An official from each state was questioned about the various aspects and procedures dealing with safety improvements. After analyzing and comparing the remarkably diverse policies, recommendations were made in the form of a model safety program. This program included special modifications that would help remediate hazards on low-volume rural roadways. Especially encouraged is a system-wide approach to improvement which would cover all parts of the highway system, not just urban and high-volume roadways.

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