The Mormon Trail: Historic Byway Inventory and Evaluation, 1998

(1998) The Mormon Trail: Historic Byway Inventory and Evaluation, 1998. Transportation, Department of


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A three-step approach was used to do the study of the Mormon Trail. These involved research, field data collection and evaluation of the project corridors. Step one involved research on the location of the Trail, associated sites and the historic land use near the Trail between 1846 and 1868. The next step involved defining roads to be inventoried and the actual field survey. Step three involved evaluation of the inventoried corridors. This evaluation procedure was based on the methodology currently used by Iowa DOT to evaluate candidate scenic byway routes but involved different evaluation factors. The numeric results of the two analyses can be directly compared. The results of the field survey and evaluation are shown in detail by county. Inventory and evaluation procedures for historic and cultural byways are discussed in Appendix A.

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Keywords: Field studies; Geography; Highway corridors; Historic sites; History; Inventory; Land areas; Trails
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