Precast Prestressed Concrete Panel Subdecks in Skewed Bridges, Interim Report, 1990

(1990) Precast Prestressed Concrete Panel Subdecks in Skewed Bridges, Interim Report, 1990. Transportation, Department of


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Precast prestressed concrete panels have been used in bridge deck construction in Iowa and many other states. To investigate the performance of these panels at abutment or pier diaphragm locations for bridges with various skew angles, a research program involving both analytical and experimental aspects, is being conducted. This interim report presents the status of the research with respect to four tasks. Task 1 which involves a literature review and two surveys is essentially complete. Task 2 which involved field investigations of three Iowa bridges containing precast panel subdecks has been completed. Based on the findings of these investigations, future inspections are recommended to evaluate potential panel deterioration due to possible corrosion of the prestressed strands. Task 3 is the experimental program which has been established to monitor the behavior of five configurations of full scale composite deck slabs. Three dimensional test and instrumentation frameworks have been constructed to load and monitor the slab specimens. The first slab configuration representing an interior panel condition is being tested and preliminary results are presented for one of these tests in this interim report. Task 4 involves the analytical investigation of the experimental specimens. Finite element methods are being applied to analytically predict the behavior of the test specimens. The first test configuration of the interior panel condition has been analyzed for the same loads used in the laboratory, and the results are presented herein. Very good correlation between the analytical and experimental results has occurred.

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