Evaluation of the Chemical Durability of Iowa Fly Ash Concretes, HR-327, Phase II Progress Report, 1992

(1992) Evaluation of the Chemical Durability of Iowa Fly Ash Concretes, HR-327, Phase II Progress Report, 1992. Transportation, Department of


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The major objective of this research project is to investigate how fly ash influences the chemical durability of portland cement based materials. The testing program is evaluating how Iowa fly ashes influence the sulfate durability of portland cement-fly ash pastes, mortars, and concretes. Also, alkali-reactivity studies are being conducted on mortar bar specimens prepared in accordance with ASTM C 311. Prelimary sulfate test results, based only on mortar bar studies, indicate that only the very high-calcium fly ash (29 percent CaO, by weight) consistently reduced the durability of test specimens exposed to a solution containing 5 percent sodium sulfate. The remaining four fly ashes that were used in the study showed negligible to dramatic increases in sulfate resistance. Concrete specimens were only beginning to respond to the sulfate solutions after about one year of exposure; and hence, considerably more time will be needed to assess their performance. Preliminary results from the alkali-reactivity tests have indicated that the Oreopolis aggregate is not sensitive to alkali attack. However, some of the test results have indicated that the testing procedure may be prone to delayed expansion due to the presence of periclase (MgO) in the Class C fly ashes. Research is being planned to: (1) verify if the periclase is influencing test results; and (2) estimating the magnitude of the potential error.

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