Protection of Structural Concrete Substructures, Construction Report, HR-220, 1981

(1981) Protection of Structural Concrete Substructures, Construction Report, HR-220, 1981. Transportation, Department of


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It is the objective of this project to determine, via field tests, the long term effectiveness of several available systems as their ability to protect concrete surfaces against the intrusion of chloride ions. Early concepts of this project included utilizing personnel from several offices within the Highway Division of the Iowa Department of Transportation. Cooperation and coordination with regularly scheduled activities were considered imperative. A meeting for this purpose was held on April 16, 1980. This meeting was attended by the investigators, Mr. Bernard C. Brown, Office of Materials, Mr. Richard Merritt, District 6 Materials Engineer, Mr. John Saunders, District 6 Maintenance Engineer, and Mr. James Phinney, Resident Maintenance Engineer.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: Bridge piers, Bridge substructures, Chlorides, Coatings, Corrosion, Corrosion protection, Deicing chemicals, Field tests, Measures of effectiveness, Reinforced concrete, Runoff, Sealing compounds, Splashing
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