Iowa Roads and Streets Functional Classification Manual, 1975

(1975) Iowa Roads and Streets Functional Classification Manual, 1975. Transportation, Department of


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This manual provides a set of procedural rules and regulations for use in functionally classifying all roads and streets in Iowa according to the character of service they are intended to provide. Functional classification is a requirement of the 1973 Code of Iowa (Chapter 306) as amended by Senate File 1062 enacted by the 2nd session of the 65th General Assembly of Iowa. Functional classification is defined as the grouping of roads and streets into systems according to the character of service they will be expected to provide, and the assignment of jurisdiction over each class to the governmental unit having primary interest in each type of service. Stated objectives of the legislation are: "Functional classification will serve the legislator by providing an equitable basis for determination of proper source of tax support and providing for the assignment of financial resources to the governmental unit having responsibility for each class of service. Functional classification promotes the ability of the administrator to effectively prepare and carry out long range programs which reflect the transportation needs of the public." All roads and streets in legal existence will be classified. Instructions are also included in this manual for a continuous reporting to the Highway Commission of changes in classification and/or jurisdiction resulting from new construction, corporation line changes, relocations, and deletions. This continuous updating of records is absolutely essential for modern day transportation planning as it is the only possible way to monitor the status of existing road systems, and consequently determine adequacy and needs with accuracy.

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