An Estimate of the Cost to Resurface Pavements and Bridges Damaged by Studded Tires, 1972

(1972) An Estimate of the Cost to Resurface Pavements and Bridges Damaged by Studded Tires, 1972. Transportation, Department of


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This report contains an estimate of the cost of highway resurfacing necessitated by damage from studded tires. The total is $95,620,000 for the twenty-five years from 1971 to 1996. This total includes $51,937,000 to resurface pavements and bridges on Interstate routes and $43,683,000 for other Primary highways. The estimate for Interstate routes includes those sections now open to traffic and those planned for completion by November 1974. The estimate for other Primary routes includes rural and municipal sections open to traffic as of November 1970. The estimate was prepared by computing the cost of expected pavement and bridge resurfacing costs for the twenty-five year period assuming continued use of studded tires, then subtracting from this the expected resurfacing ) cost for the same period assuming that the use of' studded tires is prohibited. The total figure, $95,620,000, should be regarded as a conservative estimate of the cost which may be avoided by prohibiting the use of studded tires in Iowa. The conservative nature of the estimate may be demonstrated by the following examples of the guidelines used iri its preparation. 1. Only mainline pavements were included in the cost estimate for the Interstate routes. The connecting loops, exit ramps and entrance ramps at Interstate interchanges contain many additional miles of pavement subject to wear by studded tires. This pavement was omitted from the estimate because reliable ' information about the rate of pavement wear at such locations is not available. As a result, the Interstate resurfacing costs are underestimated. 2. Several other costs were also omitted from the estimate because of a lack of sufficient information. These include the cost of repairing damage caused by studded tires to city streets other than those designated as Primary routes, the damage to pavements and bridges on the more-heavily travelled Secondary roads, and the damage to pavement traffic markings on all highway systems. Experience indicates that portland cement concrete pavements in Iowa have a normal service life of twenty-five years before resurfacing becomes necessary. The service life for asphalt pavements is thirteen years. In making this cost estimate, the need for resurfacing was attributed to wear from studded tires only when the normal service life of the pavement was shortened by that wear. Consequently, this cost estimate does not account for the reduced safety and convenience to Iowa motorists during the time when pavement wear caused by studded tires is significant but less than the critical amount.

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