Evaluation of Dowel Bar Retrofits for Local Road Pavements, TR-520, 2008

(2008) Evaluation of Dowel Bar Retrofits for Local Road Pavements, TR-520, 2008. Transportation, Department of


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As truck traffic on Iowa secondary roads has increased, engineers have moved to concrete pavements of greater depths. Early designs included thickened edge pavements and depths of seven inches or greater. The designs typically did not have load transfer devices installed in the transverse joints and relied on aggregate interlock for this purpose. In some cases, aggregate interlock was not adequate to deal with the soils and traffic conditions and faulting of the joints has begun to appear. Engineers are now faced with the need to install or retrofit load transfer in the joints to preserve the pavements. Questions associated with this decision range from the type of dowel material to dowel diameter, spacing, number of bars, placement method, and construction techniques to be used to assure reduction or elimination of faulting. Buena Vista County constructed a dowel bar retrofit project on one mile of road. The plan called for addition of the dowels (2, 3, or 4) in the outer wheel path only and surface grinding in lieu of asphalt overlay. The project included the application of elliptical- and round-shaped dowels in a rehabilitation project. Dowel material types included conventional epoxy-coated steel and fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). This work involved the determination of relative costs in materials to be used in this type of work and performance of FRP and elliptical-shaped steel dowels in the retrofit work. The results indicate good performance from each of the bar configurations and use the results of ride and deflection testing over the research period to project the benefits that can be gained from each configuration vs. the anticipated construction costs. The reader is cautioned that this project could not relate the number of dowels required to the level of anticipated truck traffic for other roads that might be considered.

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