Plastic Air Content versus Hardened Air Content by High Pressure Air Meter, MLR-99-03, 2001

(2001) Plastic Air Content versus Hardened Air Content by High Pressure Air Meter, MLR-99-03, 2001. Transportation, Department of


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Plastic air content is typically tested by the pressure method, ASTM C138. Loss of air content through the paver has been shown to exceed 2 percent at times. Research has shown that early deterioration of pavements in Iowa may be directly or indirectly related to low or inadequate air content. Hardened air content is typically checked using the linear traverse method, ASTM C457. The linear traverse method is very time consuming and could not be used on a production scale. A quick and effective method of testing in place air content is needed. Research has shown a high degree of correlation with the high-pressure method of determining air content of hardened concrete versus plastic air content in laboratory conditions. This research indicated that air contents are more variable when comparing core results to plastic air content, although the overall average for the air content was comparable. Perhaps, the location of the plastic air content test, obtained from construction records, versus location of the cores was not as accurate as needed.

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Keywords: Air content, Paving, Correlation analysis, Structural deterioration and defects, High Pressure Air Test
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