A Review of the Frictional Classification of Iowa Aggregates, MLR-81-04, 1981

(1981) A Review of the Frictional Classification of Iowa Aggregates, MLR-81-04, 1981. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa D.O.T. has a classification system designed to rate coarse aggregates as to their skid resistant characteristics. Aggregates have been classified into five functional types, with a Type 1 being the most skid resistant. A complete description of the classification system can be found in the Office of Materials Instructional Memorandum T-203. Due to the variability of ledges within any given quarry the classification of individual ledges becomes necessary. The type of aggregate is then specified for each asphaltic concrete surface course. As various aggregates become used in a.c. paving, there is a continuing process of evaluating the frictional properties of the pavement surface. It is primarily through an effort of this sort that information on aggregate sources and individual ledges becomes more refined. This study is being conducted to provide that needed up-to-date information that can be used to monitor the aggregate classification system.

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Keywords: Aggregate mixtures, Asphalt concrete pavements, Classification, Coarse aggregates, Paving, Skid resistance, Types of pavements by material
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