Evaluation of Metakaolin for HPC Deck Overlays, MLR-11-01, 2011

(2011) Evaluation of Metakaolin for HPC Deck Overlays, MLR-11-01, 2011. Transportation, Department of


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The use of High Performance Concrete (HPC) in Iowa has consisted of achieving slightly higher compressive strengths with an emphasis on reduced permeability. Concrete with reduced permeability has increased durability by slowing moisture and chloride ingress. Achieving reduced permeability has typically been accomplished with combinations of slag and Class C fly ash, or the use of blended cements such as locally available Type IS(20), IS(25) and Type IP(25) in conjunction with Class C fly ash. Fly ash has been used in the majority of concrete placed in Iowa since 1984 and slag has been available in Iowa since 1995. During the economic downturn in 2008, one of the cement plants that produced a Type IS(25) cement was forced to shut down, which reduced the availability of blended cements, typically used on HPC deck overlays. Recently, a source of high reactivity metakaolin has been made available. Metakaolin is produced by heating a pure kaolinite clay to 650 to 700 °C in a rotary kiln (calcining). Metakaolin is a white pozzolan that is used to produce concrete with increased strengths, reduced permeability, reduced efflorescence, and resistance to alkali silica reactivity. The W.R. Grace MK-100 metakaolin will likely be available in dissolvable bags between 25 and 50 pounds. Thus, the mix designs were based on the anticipated bag size range for field use. This research evaluated metakaolin mixes with and without Class C fly ash. Results indicated a seven percent replacement with metakaolin produced concrete with increased strengths and low permeability. When used with Class C fly ash, permeability is reduced to very low rating. Metakaolin may be used to enhance hardened concrete properties for use in high performance concrete (HPC).

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Keywords: Chloride content, Compressive strength, Fly ash, High performance concrete, Kaolinite, Overlays (Pavements), Permeability
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