Transverse Cracking of Asphalt Pavements, HR-1040, Summary Report, 1982

(1982) Transverse Cracking of Asphalt Pavements, HR-1040, Summary Report, 1982. Transportation, Department of


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This report summarizes the analysis of transverse cracking in asphalt pavement by a five state study team from Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Oklahoma. The study was initiated under the sponsorship of the Federal Highway Administration and four evaluation conferences were held during the course of the study. Each state conducted a crack inventory on their asphalt pavement. An effort was made to correlate this inventory with numerous factors that were considered to be pertinent to the cracking problem. One state did indicate that there was a correlation between transverse cracking severity and the subsurface geology. The other states were unable to identify any significant factors as being the primary contributors. The analysis of the problem was divided into, (1) mix design, (2) maintenance, and (3) 3R rehabilitation. Many potential factors to be considered were identified under each of these three study divisions. There were many conclusions as to good and bad practices. One major conclusions was that a more effective crack maintenance program with early sealing was essential. Some new practices were suggested as potentially more cost effective in design, construction and maintenance. The interchange of methods and procedures by individual states yielded benefits in that other states selected practices that would be an improvement to their program.

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Keywords: Asphalt pavements, Driver rehabilitation, Geology, Injury severity, Mix design, Pavement maintenance, Prevention, Sealing (Technology), Transverse cracking
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