Recycling of Asphalt Concrete From I-80 in Cass County, HR-1011, 1978

(1978) Recycling of Asphalt Concrete From I-80 in Cass County, HR-1011, 1978. Transportation, Department of


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Approximately 40,000 tons of deteriorated asphalt concrete has been removed from Interstate 80 in Cass County and stockpiled. Laboratory tests indicate that this material has considerable value when upgraded with new aggregate and asphalt cement. This report documents the procedures used and results obtained on an experimental recycling project. It was demonstrated that present drum mixing-recycling equipment and procedures can be used to utilize this material with satisfactory results. Laboratory analyses of material components and mixtures were performed; these analyses indicate mixture can be produced that is uniform, stable, and very closely resembles mixture produced with all virgin material. A 1700 foot long test section was constructed on US 169 in Kossuth County wherein salvaged asphalt concrete from I-80 in Cass County was utilized. The salvaged mix was blended with virgin aggregate and recycled through a modified drum mixing plant, the reprocessed mixture was satisfactorily placed 1 1/2 inches thick as a resurfacing course on an old PCC pavement. An inspection of the test section was made in December of 1978 to evaluate the performance after one full year of service. There was no evidence of rutting or shoving from traffic. The surface does, however, have a very dry and somewhat ravelled appearance. This can be related to a low asphalt content in the mix and some temperature control problems which were difficult to get fully corrected on such a short project and with a short supply of readily available materials.

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