Self Instructional Math, HR-324, 1995

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The Self Instructional Math course book is designed to provide a basic math knowledge for those involved in the planning, design, and construction of highways. It was developed in a manner to allow the student to take the course with minimal supervision and at times that the work schedule allows. The first version of the course was developed in the early 1970's and due to its popularity was revised in the early 1990's to reflect changes in the highway construction math needs. The anticipated move to metric (System International) measurements by the highway industry has necessitated the need to change the math course problem values to metric units. The course includes the latest in Iowa DOT policy information relative to the selection and use of metric values for highway design, and construction. Each unit of the book contains instructional information, section quizzes and a comprehensive examination. All problem values are expressed in metric rather than dual (english and SI) units. The appendix contains useful conversion factors to assist the reader in making the change to metric.

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