Training Aids to Reduce Potential County Liability, HR-289, Draft, 1987

(1987) Training Aids to Reduce Potential County Liability, HR-289, Draft, 1987. Transportation, Department of


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Iowans who travel secondary roads regard these roads as a very important part of their lives. These highways provide a means of transporting products to market and children to school. They are also links to nearby cities and towns. Nearly 3.8 billion vehicle miles of travel occur each year on Iowa's nearly 90,000 mile secondary road system. Accidents do happen. However, improvements in highways, in vehicles, in driver education, in legislation, and in enforcement have combined to make driving in Iowa very safe. If our highways are to remain safe, these efforts need to be continued. This presentation was developed to help county highway department personnel in their effort to maintain and improve highway safety. The presentation is not a standard, specification or regulation.

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