Transverse Joint Sealing with Improved Sealers, HR-276, 1991

(1991) Transverse Joint Sealing with Improved Sealers, HR-276, 1991. Transportation, Department of


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Concern about premature joint sealant failures occurring in portland cement concrete (PCC) pavements gave impetus to initiating this research project. Eight sealants, including three silicone sealants, were evaluated and tested in the lab as well as incorporated in approximately 700 joints in the field and evaluated over a six-year period. The preliminary data show that among the silicone sealants, Dow Corning 888 rated the highest. However, this was rated third overall behind the W. R. Meadows cold-applied Sof Seal and Crafco #231 hot pour sealants. The W. R. Meadows and Crafco sealants cost approximately 30 percent and 50 percent less to furnish and place than the Dow Corning product. All joint sealants will continue to be evaluated.

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Keywords: Concrete construction, Joint sealing, Pavements, Portland cement concrete, Sealing compounds
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