Highway/Railroad Grade Crossings Identification and Signing, HR-254, 1987

(1987) Highway/Railroad Grade Crossings Identification and Signing, HR-254, 1987. Transportation, Department of


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In 1982, Iowa's crossing warning identification system and signage at rail crossings were outdated, inconsistent and inadequate. Iowa's railroad system had been reduced and reorganized during the 1970's and many of the surviving railroad companies were unable to install new signs or devote staff to updating information. The preliminary engineering part of this project improved the information inventory about each crossing, provided for installation of identification tags and resulted in a comprehensive list of posts and signs eligible for replacement. The sign installation portion of this project resulted in erection of nearly 10,000 new crossbuck signs and 10,000 advance warning signs with high intensity reflectorization. In addition, new posts and multiple track signs were replaced where appropriate. Increased visibility of crossings for the motoring public has resulted from proper sign placement and use of high intensity reflectorization. The tagging has provided a consistent correct identification of crossings for accident reporting. The computer inventory of information about the crossings is now correct and provides for informed decision making to administrators of Federal and State crossing safety funds.

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