Transverse Joint Sealing with Various Sealants, HR-203, 1983

(1983) Transverse Joint Sealing with Various Sealants, HR-203, 1983. Transportation, Department of


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Iowa's first portland cement concrete pavement was constructed in 1904 in the City of LeMars. A portion of that pavement served traffic until 1974 at which time it was resurfaced. The first rural Iowa pee pavement (16' wide, 6" to 7" thick) was constructed under the direction of the Iowa State Highway Commission in 1913. Some of Iowa's early pavements had transverse joints at 25-foot spacings. At that time, joint spacings across the nation ranged from 24 to 100 ft. There have been many changes in joint design over the years with some pavements being constructed without transverse joints. Joint spacing on Iowa primary pavements has generally remained around 20 feet with this spacing having been adopted as an Iowa standard in 1954. Until 1978 it was common to specify a 40-foot joint spacing on secondary pavements. The performance of the pavements with joint spacings greater than 20 feet, and in some cases no contraction joints, generated a 1955 research project on joint spacing. This project was 16 miles long containing sections without contraction joints and sections with joints sawed at intervals of 20, 50 and 80 feet. Approximately half of the sawed joints were left unsealed. The results of this research supported the 20-foot spacing, but were inconclusive regarding the benefits of sealing. One of the desired characteristics of joint sealing material is that it should act as a moisture barrier and prevent the intrusion of surface water. It was generally accepted from past experience that the hot poured type joint seals did not provide this effective moisture barrier.

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