A Ten Year Performance Summary of Fibrous PC Concrete Overlay Research in Greene County, Iowa, HR-165, 1984

(1984) A Ten Year Performance Summary of Fibrous PC Concrete Overlay Research in Greene County, Iowa, HR-165, 1984. Transportation, Department of


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The Greene County, Iowa, overlay project, completed in October, 1973, was evaluated in October, 1978, after five years of service and most recently in October, 1983, after ten years of service. The 33 fibrous concrete sections, four CRCP sections, two mesh reinforced and two plain concrete sections with doweled reinforcement were rated relative to each other on a scale of 0 to 100. The rating was conducted by original members of the Project Planning Committee, Iowa DOT, Iowa County, Federal Highway Administration, University of Illinois and industry representatives. In all, there were 23 and 24 representatives who rated the project in 1978 and 1983 respectively. The 23 or 24 values were then averaged to provide a final rating number for each section or variable. All experimental overlay sections had performed quite well in the period from five through 10 years, experiencing only limited additional deterioration. Based upon this relatively good performance through 10 years, the sections will be maintained for further research with another evaluation at 15 years. The 4" thick nonfibrous mesh reinforced continuous reinforced concrete pavement overlay sections provided the best performance in this research project. Another nonfibrous 5" thick bar reinforced overlay section performed almost as well. The best performance of a fibrous reinforced concrete section was obtained with 160 pounds of fiber per cubic yard.

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