Relationship of Carbonate Aggregates to Concrete Aging, HR-116, 1967

(1967) Relationship of Carbonate Aggregates to Concrete Aging, HR-116, 1967. Transportation, Department of


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HR-116 is concerned with the relationship of carbonate aggregate to aging of highway concrete. The ultimate purpose of the research is to provide the Materials Department with better criteria for selection of carbonate aggregates for use in highway concrete. The research stems from the problem in Iowa which relates durability of highway concrete to use of certain aggregates. Service records of certain highways have shown that concrete deterioration is related to the source of coarse carbonate aggregate. Research on this problem in projects HR-15 and HR-86 helped define three broad areas of the problem in more detail: 1. The problem of evaluation of rocks which pass current specifications but have poor service records 2. The basic problem of how rocks contribute to distress in concrete 3. The problem of how concrete ages or weathers.

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Keywords: Aging (Materials), Aggregates, rock and stone, Carbonate rocks, Performance based specifications, Strength of materials, Weathering
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