Pavement Management Performance Modeling: Evaluating the Existing PCI Equations, RB14-013 2014

(2014) Pavement Management Performance Modeling: Evaluating the Existing PCI Equations, RB14-013 2014. Transportation, Department of


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The work described in this report documents the activities performed for the evaluation, development, and enhancement of the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) pavement condition information as part of their pavement management system operation. The study covers all of the Iowa DOT’s interstate and primary National Highway System (NHS) and non-NHS system. A new pavement condition rating system that provides a consistent, unified approach in rating pavements in Iowa is being proposed. The proposed 100-scale system is based on five individual indices derived from specific distress data and pavement properties, and an overall pavement condition index, PCI-2, that combines individual indices using weighting factors. The different indices cover cracking, ride, rutting, faulting, and friction. The Cracking Index is formed by combining cracking data (transverse, longitudinal, wheel-path, and alligator cracking indices). Ride, rutting, and faulting indices utilize the International Roughness Index (IRI), rut depth, and fault height, respectively.

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Keywords: Condition surveys, Evaluation and assessment, Geographic information systems, Pavement management systems, Pavement performance, Iowa
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