Reinforced Earth and Stone Columns for Weak Subsoil Conditions, HR-510, 1980

(1980) Reinforced Earth and Stone Columns for Weak Subsoil Conditions, HR-510, 1980. Transportation, Department of


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Reinforced Earth is a French development that has been used in the United States for approximately ten years. Virbro-Replacement, more commonly referred to as stone columns, is an outgrowth of deep densification of cohesionless soils originally developed in Germany. Reinforced Earth has applicability when wall height is greater than about twelve feet and deep seated foundation failure is not a concern. Stone columns are applicable when soft, cohesive subsoil conditions are encountered and bearing capacity and shearing resistance must be increased. The conditions in Sioux City on Wesley Way can be summarized as: (1) restricted right of way, (2) fill height in excess of 25 feet creating unstable conditions, (3) adjacent structures that could not be removed. After analyzing alternatives, it was decided that Reinforced Earth walls constructed on top of stone columns were the most practical approach.

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Keywords: Columns, Earth walls, Granular soils, Mechanically stabilized earth, Soil densification, Subsoil
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