Treating Iowa's Marginal Aggregates and Soils by Foamix Process, HR-212, 1980

(1980) Treating Iowa's Marginal Aggregates and Soils by Foamix Process, HR-212, 1980. Transportation, Department of


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Quality granular materials suitable for building all-weather roads are not uniformly distributed throughout the state of Iowa. For this reason the Iowa Highway Research Board has sponsored a number of research programs for the purpose of developing new and effective methods for making use of whatever materials are locally available. This need is ever more pressing today due to the decreasing availability of road funds and quality materials, and the increasing costs of energy and all types of binder materials. In the 1950s, Professor L. H. Csanyi of Iowa State University had demonstrated both in the laboratory and in the field, in Iowa and in a number of foreign countries, the effectiveness of preparing low cost mixes by stabilizing ungraded local aggregates such as gravel, sand and loess with asphalt cements using the foamed asphalt process. In this process controlled foam was produced by introducing saturated steam at about 40 psi into heated asphalt cement at about 25 psi through a specially designed and properly adjusted nozzle. The reduced viscosity and the increased volume and surface energy in the foamed asphalt allowed intimate coating and mixing of cold, wet aggregates or soils. Through the use of asphalt cements in a foamed state, materials normally considered unsuitable could be used in the preparation of mixes for stabilized bases and surfaces for low traffic road construction. By attaching the desired number of foam nozzles, the foamed asphalt can be used in conjunction with any type of mixing plant, either stationary or mobile, batch or continuous, central plant or in-place soil stabilization.

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